Product Features

  • 【Massage, Heat and Far Infrared, 3 in 1】The innovative far infrared ray with the name of “light of life” can effectively cause eye cell resonance, activate water molecules, plus massage and hot compress can quickly dredge meibomian gland and promote eye blood circulation. 3-in-1 function is more effective to relieve eye fatigue, puffiness, dry eyes and dark circles than traditional single hot compress / steam function.
  • 【Hot Compress with Natural Lavender & Stone Needle】Our Heated Eye Mask for dry eyes contains fragrant lavender and 2 stone needle. Used in aromatherapy for centuries, the soft scent of lavender is calming and soothing, making it the perfect eye pillow for sleeping and yoga meditation. Stone needle for releasing energy, helps speed up cell metabolism around the eyes, you will achieve a cool and relaxing sleep while enhancing eye beauty.
  • 【Moist Heat Eye Mask with 3D Design】Thanks to the 3D design, it realizes that the eyeballs are not heated and oppressed, while leaving enough space to conduct wet heat. The heated eye mask will absorb the warm water you spray and releases it as clean, deep-penetrating, moist heat. Quickly replenish water and promote blood circulation around the eyes to relax eye muscles and relieve fatigue.
  • 【USB Powered & 6 Modes & Easy to Use】The MUSICOZY Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress is easy and convenient to use at home or in the office. Just simply plug it to a PC, power bank or USB adapter, it could work. Automatic shut-off 30 minutes shut off option will prevents burns caused by excessive heating. 3 temperature settings & 3 massage frequencies to accommodate your comfort level.
  • 【Doctor Recommended & Relaxation Gifts for Eye Care】3-in-1 far-infrared dry eye mask touches and heats the eyelids to unclog glands directly. Ideal for healing dry eyes, pink eye, MGD, sinus pressure, stye, blepharitis, headaches and other eye conditions naturally. It can be a relaxing gifts for women men kids, delivering a subtle natural scent to relieve tension in a busy day.

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