alavisxf xx LED Glasses is USB rechargeable smart funky glasses. Suitable for parties, dances, concerts, clubs, birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas and so on.

Product Details:

Battery properties: Polymer Battery.
Input voltage current: 5V 1A.
Charging type: USB interface charging.
Charging time: 2 hours.
Use time: 5 hours.
Press the swith button on the top of the glasses for a long time to open, and long time press to close it. Short press after booting to swith animations(31 animations to choose).

Ways to use:

1. Download the APP”Funky Glasses”.
2. Press the swith for long time to open the glasses, and open the Bluetooth.
3. Open the APP, search Bluetooth and connect it.

Ways to display:

1. Text: The APP support multiple languages, you can also sdjust the speed and text movement.
2. Graffti: There are 3 kinds of brightness brush, and you can draw whatever you want.
3. Animation: When not connected with the Bluetooth, there are 31 animations to choose. After connected, you can DIY whatervr you like.
4. Music Rhythm: It has Microphone rhythm and Muscial rhythm to show on the glasses. but the glasses did not support sound, the glasses will only shows it is playing music.


-Before use, please remove the film on the glasses.
-After fully charged, please cut off the power in time to protect the battery life.
-Do not use the glasses while it is being charged to avoid buring the LED blud or the intemal charging parts of the power supply

Package include:

1*LED Glasses
1*USB charg
1*Manual instruction

Product Features

  • Controlled by APP : LED glasses is controlled by APP. You can scan the QR code on the manual instruction or search the “Funky Glasses” on the APP store/ Google Play to download it. When the glasses is connect with the bluetooth you can choose the pattern you like to show on the glasses.
  • DIY Pattern: There are 4 ways to choose, text, graffti, animation, music rhythm. Text pattern, you can choose multiple languages, adjust the speed and text movement. Graffti pattern, it has 3 kinds of brightness brush, and creative graffti. Animation, when not connected with the Bluetooth, APP has 31 animations and 11 patterns to choose. After connected you can DIY. Music mode, it has microphone and musical rhythm pattern to show(it did not support the sound).
  • Ways to Use: First, download the APP(Funky Glasses), long press the button on the top of glasses to open it, and open the bluetooth. Second, open the APP page and search bluetooth and click the button to connect it. Third, After the APP and glasses is connected, you can choose display pattern to show.
  • USB Charger: alavisxf xx LED glasses is powered by USB charger. Charging 2 hours, the glasses can use about 5 hours. The charge port is on the left of the frame. It has a charging protection, when it is charging glasses shows a red light, and when the charge is complete the light will automatically off.
  • Notice: Before use, please remove the film from the glasses. If you have any questions about your glasses, please contact us. we will reply you in 24 hours, and will try our best to solve the problem for you.

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