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Animals of Africa: Augmented Reality Book Magic Educational Creative 3D Chracters with App

The book of Africa is a special book. It can come to life not only in imagination but reality as well!

If you point your smart device to the page of your interest, the animals will become alive on the screen of your phone or tablet. So, for children, it not only will be interesting to hear the most unexpected facts about animals theylove, but also to play with them!

Did you know that crocodiles sweat through their mouth or that while sleeping underwater, hippos break to the surface every 3-5 minutes to inhale air? Did you know that elephants purr like cats, while zebras go to sleep only if there are other awake zebras around? You will find such and many other interesting facts about animals in this book.

This is an ideal and reliable method to interest the contemporary young generation with wondersof the nature. Those whoare no longer interested in books will find the possibility to make the book’s main heroes alive through smart technologies. After all, the world of animals is not only huge, but also extremely interesting!

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Clip: Shipwreck Defense

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AstroReality Jupiter Mini | Solar System Model | 3D Printed, 1.18” | Paired with Augmented Reality App | Educational STEM Toy, Interactive Science Learning Kit | Educational Gift

AstroReality is an award-winning brand that innovates by merging physical products with Augmented Reality. Creating immersive, tactile methods to explore science, space, and life, AstroReality brings space experiences to life in the palm of your hand.

★Bring the Universe in your hands: Our mission is to inspire many space lovers by helping them to educate through the power of technology.
★Made with Precision: Our planetary models are built, crafted and tested by NASA data to ensure unparalleled scientific accuracy.
★3D Printed to Perfection: 3D printing level height < 0.05 MM, printing error precision of 0.025 MM, printing resolution reaching 4000 DPI up to 0.006 MM per pixel.
★Buy With Confidence: AstroReality has innovated this interactive Mini Jupiter model integrated with Augmented Reality. Purchase it today with 30 days risk-free return. Treat yourself and your loved ones and make this a perfect gift for Space Enthusiasts.100% Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked!
★Jupiter Mini Specifications:
Model Diameter: 1.18in
Grain: High Resolution
Technology: Color Printing
Printing Resolution: 0.1 mm per pixel
Coating application: 3D Print
AR Experience: Marker Recognition
Painting: Distressed Textual painting + Protection

How To Use Augmented Reality Features:
STEP 1: Download the AstroReality App from the App Store or Google Play. Launch the app.
STEP 2: Select “SCAN to add a product” on the top of the page.
STEP 3: Scan the unique QR code on the manual.
STEP 4: Select the Jupiter Mini Model you just added.
STEP 5: Place the model on the graphics beacon (AR Marker) with the logo facing you.The best viewing distance is 4 – 8 inches from your device.
STEP 6: Enjoy the live view of our Jupiter Mini Model.

Product Features

  • ✔The Most Precisely Made Jupiter Model: Each prototype is built, crafted and tested to ensure exceptional scientific accuracy.
  • ✔Interactive Educational Kit: Interact and learn about the Jupiter including numerous geological and geographical features.
  • ✔3D Printed to Perfection: 3D printed with a scale of 1:425,200,00
  • ✔Augmented Reality Enabled: The AR features in your smart device provides an in-depth exploration of Jupiter to all space enthusiasts.
  • ✔Perfect Space Gift: This Jupiter mini is Perfect gift for all space lovers.

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