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Creepers on the Crosswalk: a Minecraft Earth novel

Owen has been counting down the days until Minecraft Earth, the game of his dreams, is released. Now, it’s here and it’s better than he could ever have imagined. A mysterious figure, going by the name marchHARE, has hacked the game so that the whole city is one massive adventure.
Everywhere you turn, the world of Minecraft is there. There are zombies in Owen’s bedroom, Endermen at the end of the street, and happy Mooblooms chewing grass in the bathroom. To get to school, Owen has to trek through a shadowy jungle and when he gets there, kids are setting traps in the corridors and leaving notes for each other with signs that the teachers can’t see.
Owen and his best friend, tech-genius Aya, love living in a parallel universe that belongs just to them and the other kids. It’s a place they can decide on their own rules, be who they want and literally build the world of their dreams. They couldn’t be happier, but a storm is coming. No one knows who this marchHARE is or what they want. When the Minecraft world turns dark with hordes of zombies wandering the streets and kids getting hurt for real, Owen and Aya start to worry that it’s nothing good…
Creepers on the Crosswalk is a thrilling adventure-comedy for kids eight to thirteen who love the game Minecraft Earth. It is filled with white-knuckle moments, elaborate mysteries to solve, real relationships and laugh-out-loud lines. It’s Alice in Wonderland meets Artemis Fowl meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid set in the exciting world of Minecraft Earth. Readers’ imaginations will be set on fire as they learn about the technology that makes their favourite game possible and consider when games might actually hurt us.


“We found diamonds! Yes!” Logan shouted. “Haha, you noobs,” he said, pointing at the other kids playing nearby on the playground. “We’ve got diamonds and you dooooon’t!”
“Oh boy,” Aya said.
“Yeah…” Owen agreed.
He watched as Henry and Logan stood together talking about the diamond pickaxes they were planning to make.
“Hey,” Aya snapped her fingers twice next to Owen’s ear. “Wiring?”
Owen examined the right side of the doorframe, where Redstone wiring ran to a dispenser on top of the wall. Aya was better at this stuff than Owen. She was probably only asking to be nice.
“Looks good,” he said and then pointed her phone up at the dispenser. “But what is that—”
“Great!” Aya grabbed back her phone as Owen watched it go. “Hey Logan!”
The boy turned, looking confused. “What?”
“That’s not a lot of diamonds. That’s nothing. I’ve been collecting a ton of diamonds,” she said. “Here.” Aya tapped on her phone to invite Logan and Henry to the buildplate for the fort. “I put them all in this chest,” she said. “Take a look.”
Logan raised an eyebrow at Henry and then walked toward Aya. Henry trailed behind, looking sideways at Owen.
“You don’t have diamonds,” Logan said to Aya. “You have to do lots of adventures, and you don’t really—”
Logan came marching toward the double-doors and the wooden box past them. He stepped onto the block right in front of the doors which compressed slightly as he did.
“That’s a pressure plate—” Owen started to say.
And then the dispenser overhead spat out a stream of lava right over Logan’s head. It flowed over him and pooled on the ground at his feet.
Aya cackled.
“Hey!” Logan said. His character had ‘died’. He’d been kicked off of the buildplate and could no longer see the fort. “Hey! You—”
Aya couldn’t stop laughing. Even Owen sniggered.
“Whatever…” Logan said, trying not to look annoyed. “I knew you didn’t have diamonds anyway!”
Aya was too busy laughing to bother with a comeback. The boys stomped away as Aya slowly came back to her senses.
“Oh, man!” she said finally. “I love this game.”

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Shifu Plugo Letters – Word Building with Stories & Puzzles | 4-10 years Educational STEM Toy | Interactive Vocabulary Games | Boys & Girls Gift (App Based)

Spell the words to unfold exciting tales. Build your vocabulary and improve grammar with stories, poems, and puzzle games with Plugo Letters, the linguistic kit. Start the hands-on learning experience in three easy steps: 1. Unfold the Gamepad on a table 2. Place your device in the slot 3. Put the Letters Trunk on the play area & start spelling No electronics, no bluetooth, no wires, hassle-free setup!

Product Features

  • PLUGO LETTERS is an AR-powered word building kit that combines the goodness of hands-on learning and healthy screen-time. Spell with alphabet tiles, grow your vocabulary, and improve grammar with story-based games. Watch the video to catch it in action!
  • AGES 4-10 – Plugo app has 5 interactive games and 250+ levels that make learning super fun (no in-app purchases). More importantly, the app adapts these games to the child’s grade from pre-K to 4 for a progressive educational journey.
  • STEM, STEAM & everything in between – sharpen your linguistic, reading, comprehension, cognitive, and motor skills. Learn spellings through phonics (ABCs), word usage in sentences, grammar, and language concepts like nouns, verbs, tenses, etc.
  • IN THE BOX – The kit contains a Letters Trunk and 48 letter tiles. Spell with tiles on the Trunk, and put them all inside to store away. It comes with the Plugo gamepad, a foldable mat with embedded magnets to hold the Plugo kit on one side, and your device goes in the slot on the other side. Hands-on learning without touching the screen!
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES – iOS – iPad 3rd gen or newer, all models of iPad Pro (except Pro 12″), all models of iPad Air, iPad Mini 2nd gen or newer, iPhone 6 or newer | Android – Samsung tablets & smartphones, 2015 or newer with more than 2GB RAM | Amazon Kindle – Fire 7 (9th generation – 2019 release only), Fire 8 (8th generation – 2018 release only)

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Building Virtual Reality with Unity and Steam VR

The golden age of virtual reality is here; take the first step into V.R. programming and development with Jeff W. MurrayBuilding Virtual Reality with Unity and SteamVR. Murray explores some of the topical issues surrounding virtual reality; including V.R. sickness, telepresence, performance issues and practical ways to diminish these detrimental effects to make a more comprehensive experience. Building Virtual Reality also grants readers a hands-on approach with the Unity game engine and programming. The example projects and sample C# code found in the text are compatible with all SteamVR supported virtual reality head mounted displays that are currently available. This text is the essential survival guide to VR and VR development for any reader.

Author Bio:

Jeff W. Murray has written two books: Game Development for iOS with Unity3D, C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity3D, both published by CRC Press. In his game development career spanning over 14 years, he has worked with some of the world Murray

Key features:

  • Discusses some of the key issues facing virtual reality and provides helpful tips for making better V.R. experiences.
  • Develop V.R. applications with practical examples geared to work with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as open source virtual reality (OSVR) headsets like the HDK.
  • Find out how to build both standing and seated experiences.
  • Tips on optimizing performance with the Unity Profilers.
  • Explore examples specifically for HTC Vive Controllers and picking up and throwing physics objects, including haptic feedback.
  • Discover how to build user interfaces for virtual reality, as well as discussing some best practices for V.R. based user interface design.
  • Written by a games industry veteran who has been a V.R. developer since the first Oculus development kit.

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