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Virtual Reality Headset for Mobile Phone – Best for 3D Movies, VR, and Games. Glasses Compatible iPhone, Android, Samsung. Focus & Adjustable Headband for Comfort. Enjoy an Immersive Experience Now!

Premium Smartphone Entertainment is Now Yours With The VRridum Virtual Reality Headset!


  • Remove protective plastic from lenses and use cleaning cloth included to ensure optimal viewing performance.
  • Requires use of apps. Small app list can be found on the vendor website under “Interesting Apps”. Search app store for Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Games, 360 side by side, etc.  
  • For larger phones, remove phone cases.  Optimal viewing experience is with the phone alone inserted into the headset.
  • Play with the focus and adjustments in addition to placement on head for image quality.
  • Contact vendor with questions you may have.

When You Buy, You Can Expect:

• A high quality headset that will allow you to enjoy hours of entertainment including IMAX quality, immersive 3D or awesome virtual reality with 360 split screen videos and apps.

• The ability to use a wide range of mobile phones from 3.5″ to 6″ phones allowing you to easily use your phone, share with your friends or buy as gifts.

• Lightweight, super easy setup, focus adjustments, adjustable straps, and padding allow for convenient, fast, comfortable use and an overall great viewing experience.

Users Love:

• The excellent quality and build of the headset which makes it far superior to other cardboard or flimsy products

• Comfort and ease of use as a result of the adjustable straps, focus, and padding

• The ability to download and enjoy various VR Apps and 3D movies on your own phone to enjoy a super cool and immersive experience

The VRidium VR Headset Promises A Great Customer Experience!


Buy Now and Take the Next Step Toward The Future of Entertainment!

Product Features

  • Turn your smartphone into a virtual entertainment system. Enjoy IMAX quality videos or immerse yourself in 3D or 360 split screen VR videos, movies, or games that truly get you into the action.
  • Accommodates 3.5 to 6 inch smartphones so that you can use with any mobile phone including Apple iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 , Samsung Note and Galaxy , and Android phones.
  • Easy and versatile focus knobs allow for super easy setup to nicely accommodate your face and viewing preferences by adjusting depth and distance between eyes. Adjustments allow for optimal control and immersive experience without hassle.
  • Adjustable straps and stylish face padding makes it easy to securely mount to your head and fit comfortably for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Lightweight head-mounted goggles allow for extended use for multiple 3D, VR, and select Google Cardboard Apps. Take the next step toward the future of entertainment and get one now.

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[Best Movie VR] DESTEK V2 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset, VR Glasses w/ Bluetooth Remote for Immersive 3D Movies/Games in 4-5.7″ iPhone 5S/SE/6/6s/7/7 Plus Samsung S6 Edge NOTE 5 LG G3 G4 Nexus 5 6P

DESTEK,a blending word of Design and Technology, comes from imagination and creativity, bringing joy into your life. DESTEK endows products with a sense of design and technical spirit, conveying our pursuit of life.

DESTEK V2 VR Headset, your best choice to enjoy the stunning VR world!

Awsome VR Game Partner :

  • The remote can do player control (play/pause, volume+/-, back) and game control, fits IOS (< IOS 10.2) and android.
  • Compatible with lots of VR games in Google Play like End Space VR; Hardcode VR game; Invasion VR 3D Demo; Shadowgun VR; Smash VR etc.
    NOTE: Game control ONLY for Android; remote can work with Gear VR.

    Best Movie VR

  • Clear image
    High-quality lens with high light-transimission makes the image clear, exactly renewing movie scenes while disspating eye fatigue; object/pupil distance adjustments make it suitable for different people
  • Less image noise
    Most suitable FOV for movie watching. 83° FOV makes whole image brought out with less noise caused by image magnifying
  • Comfortable wearing
    Flexible velcro straps and high-quality PU facial pad make it cosy to wear.
  • Awesome Front Cover Design
    The removable front cover is better for heat dissipation while holes on the cover make it better for AR or camera shooting purpose.
    Note: The VR is not suitable for users with over 200° of myopia. NO NFC tag.

    VR Glass, Bluetooth remote(NO charger), User Manual, Cleaning Cloth, Pads

    Confident to choose DESTEK
    Customers come first with friendly and fast customer service.
    12-month warranty for each DESTEK product sold from Thinkline LLC-only OWNER of DESTEK Trademark.
    Long-time reliable support from DESTEK forum.

    Your smile is what we are pursuing. Instead of money, we care more about your feelings. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Product Features

    • NOTE:Please NOTE there is NO charger in the package but you can use android phone charger to charge the remote. Awesome VR Movie/Game Partner: Comes with bluetooth remote controller, includes player control (Play/Pause, Volume+/-, Back) and game control, compatible with Android and IOS (lower than IOS 10.2) smartphones. PS: Game control ONLY for android; the controller can work with Samsung Gear VR. NFC tag is NOT available
    • Best Movie Experience: High-precision lens technic & high-quality lens material and high light-transimission make the image clear, exactly renewing the movie scenes while effectively disspating eye fatigue; the object/pupil distance adjustment make it suitable for different people with clear image; 83°FOV makes the the whole screen bring out effectively with less image noise caused by picture magnifying
    • Competitive Price with High Quality: In DESTEK, the product quality is strictly controlled on each part of the product, such as no nick and scratch on the lens and each part of the headset; all knobs are durable and working smoothly, parts and structures must be stable and solid
    • Wide compatibility: Suitable for 4-5.7″ smartphones, like iPhone 5/SE/6/6s/7/7 plus; Samsung S5, S6, Note 4, S6 edge; LG G3, G4, G5, V10;Nexus 5, 6P etc. Note: Due to the position of phone buttons, Samsung S4 and S7 edge plus, Nexus 6 can not fit this headset. For LARGE PHONES like Nexus 6P, Note5, to make sure it will not press the buttons, you can move your phone left and right till it doesn’t press the buttons or you can remove the original EVA pads and paste the extra pads in a proper place.
    • Great Experience Support: You can always get support from DESTEK from how to use to what apps are better to use etc.PS: The QR Code can be applied to Apps in Google Cardboard. The QR code has been updated and it will be updated timely. Thanks for your attention.

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