Product Features

  • 【ULTRA SECURE LOCK 】 Unlike inferior brands our patent pending locking design ensures that your controller skin will stay firmly in place and not slide off when the action gets intense
  • 【NEVER LOSE GRIP 】Our patent pending flat studded handle design ensures that you stay immersed in the VR world and that your Oculus Quest stays firmly in your hand even through a bit of sweat.
  • 【FULL SENSOR TRACKING 】Precision placed straps ensure that all embedded IR sensor LEDs on the front of the halo are fully visible and register clearly
  • 【EASY ACCESS 】Our open button design ensures that you will easily and intuitively find the trigger or menu button you’re looking for
  • 【PLEASE NOTE】NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLD OCULUS TOUCH CONTROLLERS. ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH OCULUS TOUCH v2 FOR QUEST & RIFT-S. Each purchase comes with 2 silicone skins. Oculus Oculus Quest /Rift S Controllers and wrist straps are NOT included

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3 Comments on Esimen Evolution Controller Skins for Oculus Quest/Rift-S – Premium Gel Shell Silicone Grip Protection Covers with Ultra Secure Lock

  1. Prevents controller battery cover from slipping. And adds grip So there’s like 20 of these on Amazon that look exactly the same. I chose these because they were cheaper, yet seemed to use the same pictures as most of the more expensive ones.They fit the controllers perfectly, are soft but grippy and feel great in my hand, and don’t get sweaty. I mean… There’s not much to a silicone cover, but these are very high quality and exceeded my expectations. They’re exactly what I wanted, since the slick plastic controllers kept slipping around in my…

  2. This product is made so that when you hold the oculus quest controllers in your hands they do not slip out, it worked well for its purpose. The reason I bought this product is on the oculus quest controllers the battery cover tends to slip off, the product worked well to prevent this from happening. The only dislike I have on this product is how it closes around the product, which is with two little rubber pegs that slips on the other side slip onto. Other than that a great product that serves…

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