Building Virtual Reality with Unity and Steam VR

The golden age of virtual reality is here; take the first step into V.R. programming and development with Jeff W. MurrayBuilding Virtual Reality with Unity and SteamVR. Murray explores some of the topical issues surrounding virtual reality; including V.R. sickness, telepresence, performance issues and practical ways to diminish these detrimental effects to make a more comprehensive experience. Building Virtual Reality also grants readers a hands-on approach with the Unity game engine and programming. The example projects and sample C# code found in the text are compatible with all SteamVR supported virtual reality head mounted displays that are currently available. This text is the essential survival guide to VR and VR development for any reader.

Author Bio:

Jeff W. Murray has written two books: Game Development for iOS with Unity3D, C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity3D, both published by CRC Press. In his game development career spanning over 14 years, he has worked with some of the world Murray

Key features:

  • Discusses some of the key issues facing virtual reality and provides helpful tips for making better V.R. experiences.
  • Develop V.R. applications with practical examples geared to work with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as open source virtual reality (OSVR) headsets like the HDK.
  • Find out how to build both standing and seated experiences.
  • Tips on optimizing performance with the Unity Profilers.
  • Explore examples specifically for HTC Vive Controllers and picking up and throwing physics objects, including haptic feedback.
  • Discover how to build user interfaces for virtual reality, as well as discussing some best practices for V.R. based user interface design.
  • Written by a games industry veteran who has been a V.R. developer since the first Oculus development kit.

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Pet Party: An Augmented Reality Popup Book

NOT your average book about pets, but a *magical* learning book!

Watch pets come alive in breathtaking 3D animation to charm and teach your child about goldfish, bunnies, dalmatians and more! These animals may look just normal on the physical book, but they leap out of the page when you scan them with the free Holo Popups app (see directions below). Knowledge has never been more fun!

Directions for Enjoying Our AR Children’s Book:

1.Download the Holo Popups app on your device (available on the App Store or Google Play).

2.Open the app and turn on your sound.

3.Open the book and point the spinning cursor over the illustration.

4.A cute pet lands on your page and puts on a magic show!

Holo Popups are the modern pop-up books: aiming to inspire curiosity, imagination, and creativity, and to instill in your child a love for reading and learning. Don’t be surprised if your child starts to school you on pet facts: “Did you know that goldfish can recognize words?”

It may be the stunning visual and the cool technology that first hook the kids, but the best part about Pet Party is that it fosters real learning — which is our biggest intent behind this book series. We added vivid voiceovers, subtitles, and sound effects so that the children are motivated and empowered to learn vocabulary and spelling on their own.

Sit back and enjoy the AR experience with your child, or turn off the voiceover and read to them. Feel the satisfaction of holding a beautiful physical book in your hands and the magic of watching it come to life!

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Orzero VR Lens Protect Cover Dust Proof Cover for Oculus Quest, Washable Protective Sleeve

Brand: Orzero;
Material: Lycra Fabric Material

Package Include:
1 x VR Lens Protect Cover

Product Features

  • Specially Designed for the VR Lens of Oculus Quest.
  • Easy to use and clean, lycra fabric material.
  • Dust proof, collision-proof and scratch proof cover
  • The material is soft and comfortable, it will not scratch the device itself.
  • Washable, recyclable, and less waste

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