Product description:
1.Aircraft size: 47.2*47.2*9 Inch (120*120*24cm), manual measurement, error 1-2cm is normal.
2.Aircraft weight: 1.6kg, plastic body, strong toughness, anti-friction, anti-fall.
3.Motor: 380 motor * 4
4.Charging time: 240 minutes, the battery balance flashing red light means charging, flashing green light means charging is completed. Pay attention to whether the charging safety and battery balance charging work normally. If it is abnormal, please replace the battery balancing charger in time.
5.Flight time: 10 minutes or so
6.Remote control distance: 150 meters or more. Please take note when taking off, let the drone fly to a height of more than 6 meters, so that the four clicks can reach the same speed and will not fly off the center point.
6.Built-in battery: 14.8V 2500 mA High magnification Lithium battery.

Remote control*1
FPV mobile phone holder*1
Battery balance charge*1
AB fan leaf *4
Gift : Backup AB fan leaf *2
Screw tool*1
Screw package*1
Built-in battery*1
Blade protector*4

1.We would like to establish good business friendship and sincere service with buyers from all over the world.But we also have difficulties and hope to understand each other.
2.We offer products in good condition . Once the merchandise is sold, we do not accept returns, refund requests. Please understand that we are overseas international sellers, it is difficult to collect overseas returns, and we cannot accept overseas return and refund applications. Quality issues/transportation issues, providing sufficient evidence to replace spare parts (order $50 or more)/or entire eplacement (order under $50).

Product Features

  • YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A LARGE DRONE .Size : 47.2*47.2*9 ” Inch ( 120*120*24 ) .It can be seen at a glance, no matter how high it is, it is the focus.
  • The preferred choice for ashes-class drone enthusiasts. It is recommended that you are 14 years old or older, you can be skilled in the independent control of drone enthusiasts to buy, novices please do not buy such expensive drones, damage is not compensated. Suitable for senior drone enthusiasts, like to collect drones, people who are familiar with the operation skills of various drones.
  • Function: throwing, one-touch, 6-channel, one-button return, headless mode, fast and slow conversion. The installation is very simple, the tools are complete, equipped with A, B spare blades.
  • Features: large, oversized. The camera has 0.3 million pixels, which is not special HD. If you need to upgrade the configuration, you can upgrade it yourself.
  • FPV real-time transmission, compatible with head-mounted VR (VR not included), compatible with Android and Apple systems.

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3 Comments on SOWOFA Awesome Remote Control Large RC Drone 47.2″ w/ 720p HD 0.3MP Camera FPV Drone WiFi Control Sky King for Hardcore Players Huge RC Quadcopter Compatible with 3D VR Headset

  1. Very Fun to Fly This is a hands-on flyer. You can’t let go of the controls or it will plummet to the ground lol. And you can’t just give it a little throttle to keep it up because it will just keep climbing. You have to constantly adjust your position – up, down, up down – it won’t hover on it’s own or hold position. Once you get use to that fact it becomes a lot of fun and that 10 to 15 minutes of fly time becomes a real challenge. I flew it in a pretty small space with a lot of trees and bounced it hard off…

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